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Version 5.1 - Select multiple actions to copy


In previous versions I could select multiple actions with shift + click and then copy it.
Now I can only do 1 action at a time.


It’s fixed again in the latest version (see here: https://community.easymorph.com/t/v5-beta-4-9-9-10-action-multiselect/3043)

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Will it be available with the next release in 5.1.1. in Dec?

It is already available now with the actual version 5.1 (build 3 or higher).

Apologies for the question, but I cannot see where I can download that version.
I checked for updates, but is shows I have the latest version

Please have a lot at your desktopn version. Go to menu “About” and have a look at the version:


The last number of the version is the build.

At the download page ( Download free ETL tool | EasyMorph ), you can see the latest version:

Hope this helps.


Hi Rykie,

EasyMorph doesn’t notify about new builds, only about new versions.

Thanks, Dmitry.
That is fine. I am trying to work out where to download the 5.1.3 from.

All good - I saw it in another post - just downloaded 5.1 again and all is fixed.

Thank you

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