Verifying address data with SmartyStreets API

I would love to be able to use EasyMorph and SmartyStreets together to verify address data.

Interesting suggestion, thanks. Address validation is something that many EasyMorph users need, indeed.

The Web Request action that will be introduced in version 4 this fall should theoretically be able to deal with SmartyStreets API. We will try to verify it before release.

Here is a sample project (requires v4.0 or above) that uses the SmartyStreets Cloud API to verify street data. To use the project, configure the Web Location connector that comes embedded in the project first - put your AuthID and Auth Token from your SmartyStreets account.

smartystreets.morph (3.6 KB)


That’s it! The project can now verify any US address provided as the parameter of the project.

You can verify multiple addresses at once by using the “Iterate Web Request” action in a similar fashion, or just put the table from the project in a module and iterate it.

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