Using [] in headers

Currently with easy morph is not possible to use [] in the headers due to the formula syntax using it (I assume).

Is there a workaround for this? I use EM dumping files in a software that needs headers in [], without this, I cannot automate fully the process of import/export.

Thank you very much.


Assuming that you’re exporting into a text file the solution would be to insert headers that contain [ ] as the 1st line of data and then export to a text file with regular headers turned off. Then effectively, the first line will become the headers.

forbidden-headers.morph (3.2 KB)

Notice the settings of the export action:

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After reading your question one more time I realized that column names should be the same, just wrapped in square brackets.

Here is updated example that wraps all column names in square brackets.

forbidden-headers2.morph (3.7 KB)

Thank you very much, I added the CSV extension and it seems to be working great, awesome stuff.