User and Password prompt

Quite fundamental evolution. In easymorph you create connector (shared or embedded) indicating login and password. Password is encrypted but if you share your easymorph project with someone, he can connect using your credentials, which is a serious security breach.

The evolution could be simple : enable the user and password prompt by a checkbox for example inside the connector. If the checkbox is checked for a connector, no need to fill the user and password because easymorph will ask for them when needed. Such kind of prompt already exists in the software,for example when you try to update a connector inside a repo password-protected : a password prompt appears.

Today if you don’t put login and password, connector can be saved but in order to make the project work, you will have to update your connector and input your login/password. It is a quite heavy process. It would be much easier to have prompt.

What would you suggest for the cases when a project with interactive login/password prompt is executed in unattended (scheduled) mode on Server? There will be no one to enter login/password. Should such task just fail?

Yes. The batch mode is different, you usually use a dedicated account for this, maybe on an IT server. Well that does not upset me if a password is inside a scheduled job. Don’t you think ?