Use value from different table in calculation

I've been scratching my head over this one: I need to calculate a new column (in Table A) but one of the values in the formula is found in another table (Table B). It is always one specific value from Table B that should be incorporated into the formula. Table A and Table B have no matching columns. I'm thinking of adding a new column in Table A with that value on each row but haven't been able to find an action to do that. Any ideas?

Tomas, you really should pay more attention to our tutorial :slight_smile:

See the "Peek" action described here: EasyMorph | Merging data

Hi Dmitry, sorry I hadn't seen this action. However, I can only choose a row # or the last row. But the specific value I'm after (it's a $ value) could be listed in a different row each month. Table B (where that $ value lives) also has another column with unique values (account IDs). Can you think of a way I could add to Table A the $ value for that specific account ID in Table B without needing to specify the row?

Can you apply some transformations in EasyMorph to make it listed in the 1st row?

Or use "Merge" if you want to match by IDs. It's not clear what you need from your description.

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