Use one connector for multiple databases?

Hi all,

We have 4 postgres servers for all the development environments (dev/test/acc/production).

On these servers we have multiple databases for our +/- 8 microservices. These databases are accessible with the same account on the same server.

So when I make connectors for every DB that means about 8*4 = 32 connectors.

At the moment we are making some big development changes and temporary have every environment twice. So that means 64 connectors. I would be very happy when it’s possible to only use 4 connectors for every server/environment, if possible :slight_smile:

Is there a way to use one connector per server and use that one connector for all databases in that environment?


Unfortunately, not possible at this moment.

What are the differences between the databases in one environment - host name, schema name, port number, anything else? I’m trying to figure out what would be the variables if connectors need to become variable.

Hi Dmitry,

Good to know!

In our case only the Database name is different.
All the other ‘variables’ like Host, Port and login are the same.

Within the database are multiple schemes, but these schemes are already configurable when using the ‘Query database’ function. So that works fine.