Use Imported file name as data source name for tableau (Hyper)

Hi, Dmitry
It’s been a while. Hope you’re doing well…

A question about exporting hyper file with name from raw file name.
What I am going to do is like this, for instance:

  1. Import raw files(csv) : apple1.csv, apple2.csv
  2. Export hyper files to tableau server with date : apple1_202012010.hyper

I would like to have an idea, how to deal with it.
Sorry. uploading any files to your server is prohibited from company.
I can use my email for better communication with attachment.

thank you.

Hi Seogoo,

You can create a calculated parameter that will calculate the output file name. Then use the parameter in the “Export to Tableau” action.

The expression of the calculated parameter can be something like this:

keepbefore( {Input file}, '.csv') & '_' & format(today(), 'yyyyMMdd') & '.hyper'