Use column name in Lookup

Hi guys,

I guess my title is not that clear. I did attach a screen with 2 tables to illustrate.

I have 2 files. Top one has some values, and years are in columns. Second one has years as rows.
And I would need to populate the Value Column (oranged colour) by lookingup or whatever in second table (basing on year and Att1).

I did spend quite some time trying to find some info here and in help, but without success :slight_smile:
I hope some experienced EM users can help me on this one.

Kind regards,


As I hate being stuck, I finally found a way after finding your blog article: EasyMorph.Blog: How to transpose a matrix table coupled with some concatenations.
Sorry for disturbing, have a nice day.


Hi David,

it looks like you can just unpivot the first table using the “Unpivot” action. Then use the Lookup or similar action for looking up, if necessary.

PS. Special thanks for the helpful illustration in the opening post.