Use cases from other users - How is EasyMorph used? (Sharing knowledge)

Hi :grinning:

I’m interested to learn what type of use cases there can be for EasyMorph out there.

For myself, I use EasyMorph a lot for a number of things like;

  • Combining different data sources and generate consolidated extract on daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Data preparation for different types of analysis
  • Shortcutting when looking into an excel file to get last entry
  • Distributing information as output of projects
  • Generating shipment calendar with local holidays (Thanks EM for helping out!!)

I’m wondering if anyone uses EasyMorph for things like (and of course would be interested in examples)

  • Invoice validation (check csv invoice against XLSX price sheet with different services)
  • Built-in reporting

Looking forward to see all the replies coming in … :smiley: