Upload SFTP latest file in specific folder

how does the wildcard works in the FTP upload? I have a folder with same files but named with different timestamps? How can I make sure I only upload the latest file?

Thank you.

The wildcard just transfers all the files that match the wildcard.

If you need to upload only the files with the latest timestamp in the name, then it would be better to do as follows:

  1. Use the “List of files” action to generate a list of files in the target folder.
  2. Extract the timestamp from file names using EasyMorph expressions and actions.
  3. Use EasyMorph actions to identify and filter only the latest timestamps.
  4. Use the “File command” action to create a temporary folder.
  5. Use the “File command” action, command “Copy list of files” to copy filtered files (from step 3) into the temporary folder.
  6. Use the “File transfer” action to upload all files from the temporary folder to the remote SFTP location.
  7. Use the “File command” action to delete the temporary folder.