Upload files with FTP


Is there a method in easyMorph to upload a bunch of files to an FTP-server ?

Can I use the file command for this in one way or the other ?
Since I need to work behind a proxy, it has to be possible to provide proxy settings when connecting to the server.

Thanks in advance !

The current solution is to run a 3rd party FTP client (e.g. WinSCP) from the command line using the “Run program” action (or “Iterate program” if you need to upload files from a list).

In version 3.9 we will be adding a native FTP client into EasyMorph.


I use the version v4.6.2, but i cannot find the native FTP client into EasyMorph.
Could you help me please ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Effix and welcome to the Community!

Downloading from an FTP server can be done using the “Download file” action. Specify the FTP scheme, username and password in the URL, for instance:


Uploading to an FTP server is not possible.

Is now possible uploading files to FTP? I’ve read this post and I don’t know if this function has been added in a recent update or is there any way to do it. Thank you!

Hi Victor and welcome to the Community!

Uploading to FTP is not supported in EasyMorph, only SFTP is supported.