Upload file via FTP

Hello, I'm new in the community.

I need to upload a file from EasyMoprh to an FTP server, I have tried with the File transfer action but I have not succeeded.

Is there any other option with the new updates?


Hello, Sebastian, and welcome to the Community!

What type of FTP is that - FTP or SFTP or FTPS?

Hi Dmitry thanks for your reply.

It is FTP.

Uploading via FTP is not supported out of the box in EasyMorph. You can use a 3rd party tool like WinSCP and run it from the command line using the "Run program" action.

Here is an example that downloads files from an FTP server using WinSCP. You can modify it to upload files to FTP.

Thanks for the suggested alternative, it has worked correctly for uploading files.

I had already seen this solution but I wanted to ask before to know if maybe one of the updates had already included this functionality.

Thanks again.


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