Upgrade from Team Server to Enterprise Server

What does this process look like? I want to evaluate this product for more widespread use, but so far we’ve only been using as a BA tool, and want to check some of the Enterprise-level tools such as server-based connection repository.

Is it a simple license change? Does it require changes to the server? Would it affect any current functionality?

Hi Cory, and welcome to the Community!

First of all, some of the features you need might already exist in the Team edition. For instance, Server-based repositories can be used in all Server editions.

To test the Enterprise edition, you can send a request to sales@easymorph.com to add a temporary Enterprise Server license to your key. No changes on the Server are required, except for applying the new key. It won’t affect any current functionality as the capabilities of the Team edition are a subset of the Enterprise edition.

However, keep in mind that when the trial Enterprise license expires, whatever functionality that required the Enterprise edition (such as authentication via Active Directory or separate workers) will stop working. So it’s usually a good idea to test new features in a separate space (or spaces) to not interfere with the current spaces.

Thanks for the quick response! Turned out our server just had that disabled.

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