Updating TDE(file)

Someone help how to update Tableau TDE file?
Raw data comes through every hour and need to update exiting TDE file. I want automation this job.
Can someone guide me? Should I overwrite every time?

Thank you.

Yes, you should overwrite every time. More than that, since importing from a TDE is not possible, you need to create a “shadow” .dset file (EasyMorph dataset) which will contain a copy of the same data you write to the .tde file. Read/append/write the .dset file, and then write to the .tde.

So the workflow would be:

  • Load (import) the .dset file
  • Append new data
  • Export into the .dset file (overwrite)
  • Export into the .tde file (overwrite)

Thank you, Dmitry,
I would rather use MySQL then, it looks like cumbersome.

Yes, using a database would be a more straight forward solution.