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Updating a database table


I’m wondering if it is possible to update tables in a database using a transformation. My co-workers rely heavily on Excel and I have them copy data into spreadsheets and use various transformations to insert the data in the database and it works great.

Now, I need them to take care of updating data here and there (like the status of an administration or date something closed) and right now they maintain that locally in a spreadsheet which I then manually change in the database. if I could create a project that could accomplish this, that would be perfect. Still really new to this ETL / database stuff so I’m learning as I go :slight_smile: Any suggestions would be great.



Updating database tables is done in 4 steps:

  1. Import necessary rows into EasyMorph using either the “Import from database” transformation (using a query) or “Select DB rows” (using a list of IDs). See the Advanced Topics in this tutorial article: http://easymorph.com/learn/load-database.html.

  2. Modify the rows as necessary in EasyMorph (e.g. update the close date).

  3. Delete the rows in the database using either Delete DB Rows (using a query) or Delete matching DB Rows (using a list of IDs). See the Advanced Topics in this article: http://easymorph.com/learn/export-database.html)

  4. Export modified rows into the target table using the “Export to database” transformation.