Update to version 3.9

I saw that there is a new version 3.9 available. In easymorph, I however see that is says the max version allowed is 3.8. Should I stop updating or can I still update to version 3.9. We have a paying licence.

TXS for a quick reply.

You have a Plus license in which max version is limited. If you would like to use version 3.9 there are two options:

  1. Update the Plus license to v3.9. It would cost 50% of what you’ve already paid and the max version will be 3.9. For update send a request together your license key to support@easymorph.com
  2. Upgrade to the Professional edition which has all new versions included. We will make you a discount since you’re upgrading from a Plus license. For upgrading, place an order here: https://easymorph.com/buy.html