Unzip of .gz files

Is it possible to unzip .gz files? I am getting an error of a wrong file type. I have tried to change the file type from .gz to .zip (which allows me to manually use 7 zip to unzip) but continue to get the same error.

I am using SFTP then need to unzip before uploading them to my SQL server database.



You can insert the “Run program” action to use 7zip to unzip .gz files. See here an example: Bzip2 or gzip format - #3 by clamur

Modify the 7zip command in the example to unzip instead of zipping.

Many thanks. I was still having problems with the code so ended up using code I found 7 Zip Command Line Examples - Dot Net Perls

The code I used was

cd C:\02\DATA
7z e *.gz


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