Unrecognized Guid format

Hello, I’m getting “Unrecognized Guid format” error when running custom SQL against a MySQL database. Anyone know what causes this and how to resolve it?


Can you please post a screenshot of the error and the custom SQL statement? If it contains sensitive information, send it to support@easymorph.com.

Many thanks, I’ve emailed your support

The issue was caused by the columns that have the CHAR(36) type.

The MySQL Connector/Net data provider, which is used internally by EasyMorph, automatically converts values in CHAR(36) columns to UUIDs. When that conversion fails, the error in question is displayed. The most likely reason for that conversion to fail in an empty string value - the conversion correctly handles NULL values but fails on empty strings.

The workaround here is to cast such columns to CHAR as follows:

SELECT CAST(column_name AS CHAR) AS column_name

In the Visual mode of the Query Editor you can do that with an expression.