Unpivot without selection

Unpivot should be possible without selecting anything. This is useful way to convert a file of column headers into rows for use with Rename Columns with Lookup

Workaround are:

Option 1: Add RowNo, then unpivot except for Row No
Option 2: Select all columns, apply, unselect all columns, apply

Hi Joe,

In the latest version ( it is possible to unpivot without checking anything. What version are you using?

PS. The canonical way of obtaining a list of column names is Keep 1 top row, then Unpivot without checking anything.

Ah, Maybe that’s why. I will download

Edit: It actually does work (maybe it did in as well, but I was expecting the “Apply” button to be available

Nope, still an ‘issue’ in See screenshot

This the first step to import a file with just the column headings

I see your point. Yes, it’s a bug.

Looping in @vitaly.