Unknown thread error message

Hi there! We have a big ETL job with hundreds of actions. We get this error sometimes when we run the whole project all at once. The error seems non-determinstic but frequent. Usually when we run the actions manually after each other it works as expected. However this is a 2-3 hours long job so we have to schedule is in the future. How can we get closer the the cause of the problem?

Hi Mihaly,

It looks like an internal error in the database driver, rather than in EasyMorph. If you use an ODBC connection, please make sure your database drivers are updated to the most recent versions.

These are native mysql connections. The running os is Windows Server 2019 if it matters.

Try updating your EasyMorph version. A more recent version may include a newer version of the driver.

Alternatively, switch to using an ODBC driver for MySQL. It should be a 64-bit driver for Windows.