Unify and simplify actions


there is an action for keeping/removing rows ‘Keep/remove matching’. I guess, in former times, these were two actions and you put them together into one which is quite useful.
Is it possible to do the same with the actions “Select columns” and “Remove columns” to unify the actions into one new action “Keep/remove columns” and keep it more simple?
Besides it would be easier to find the corresponding action, if they are named in the same way (keep vs. select).

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It’s already done in version 4.4 to be released next week.


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I am looking forward to it.

Any other suggestions for opposite actions that can be merged together?

Maybe “Keep duplicates” and “Deduplicate”.

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By the way, it would be really great to have parameters in both of these actions.

Can you provide an example when parameters would be helpful in any of them? Thanks

I will give you an example soon. Too much work at the moment. :neutral_face: