Under-the-hood synonyms to find actions faster


I’ve been thinking that having under-the-hood synonyms associated to actions could help find them faster. For example, having “regex” as a synonym to the action “Regular expression” could be useful. It’s how I generally refer to it.

Another example could be adding “clean” as a synonym for the action “Sanitize text”.




You have favorite to filter actions most often used.


Hello Florent,

Thanks, but not quite what I’m looking for. If I have a lot of favorite actions, then I will have to scroll down until I find the one I want.



I’m afraid such synonyms would be hard to guess as they are not visible and mentioned somewhere. We typically try to give actions distinct verb-like names (Skip, Label, Merge, Aggregate, etc.) exactly for the purpose of finding them easier.

I think at some point we will make the search in the action catalog also show results from our web-help. This may help find necessary actions easier and discover new ones.

Ok, understood! Thanks