Unable to setup e-mail

Hi Community,

I’m trying to setup an action to e-mail spreadsheet attachment, however it kept failing with this error message:

Here is my setup:

Hoping anyone can shed a light on why this happens.
Thank you in advance.

If you press the “Test” button in the connector, are you able to send a test email?

Hi dgudkov,

Thanks for looking into this - it failed with similar error message


Could it be that your email provider just has a downtime? Are you able to log in to the web UI of the email provider from the same machine and send a test email from it?

Hi dgudkov,
My outlook is working fine as I’m running the query.
Could it be that my company blocks easymorph email connector?

Hi Mario,

It’s possible that your company blocks EasyMorph connector. You may need a dedicated app password to connect.

Also, is it possible that your company actually uses Exchange Online service? If so, you may want to use the Microsoft Exchange Online connector instead of the current one.