Unable to run external program (python) on easymorph server


I dont know if this has been addressed before, I am trying to shift the EM pipeline on my desktop to the EM server. I run a python program to perform a task using the ‘run program’ action. The python program runs fine on my desktop, but when I move the same project onto the server, it never recognizes the external program. I have installed python on the EM server machine.

I tried searching in similar topics and could not find a solution to this. May be I am missing something.


By default, EasyMorph Server is running under account NT AUTHORITY/LocalService, not the account under which it was installed. The LocalService account is a special account for Windows services. It has fewer privileges than a regular user account. Make sure that the folder with Python installation can be accessed by the account used to run EasyMorph Server, be it LocalService or any other account.

Hi @dgudkov

I’m getting a similar type of error:

The task works fine on the server using the desktop client.

I checked the permissions:

I would be grateful for your assistance.



It’s a question of configuring system variables for Python. It’s not related to EasyMorph.

Either use the full path to the Python executive, e.g.

"C:\Users\user x\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\python.exe" myscript.py

Or add the path to python.exe to the system variable PATH for the Windows account that is used to run EasyMorph Server.

Try also googling “Can’t find a default python”.