Unable to read Database Connector from Repository


I need your help, because things that used to work now fail …

The Database Connector is stored in a Repository on a network drive, which I can access.
The repo.sqlite is there, but EM-Professional doesn’t accept it.

Got an idea?


Hi Michael,

Since repo is located on a network drive, I assume that it’s used from different computers. Do EasyMorph installations on other computers “see” connector from this repo?

Hi Andrew,

other computers “see” it as well, but it doesn’t work, too.
This configuration used to work until today.
We only had a restart of the EM Server, but the problem is with EM Professional.
We do have access to the network folder.


I see from the screenshot that repo file was modified at 12:29. Does EM Server was restarted at the same time?

Can you share that repo file with me? I no - please create a new SQLite connector to that repo.sqlite file (it can be created in a way, similar to other DB connectors). Please make that connector embedded in order not to modify the repo file. And then try to import data from that connector. There should be a main.DataConnector table. Does it have any rows?

See personal message :slight_smile:

Thanks, Michael.

The repo file that you sent to me appears to be a valid connectors repository file with no actual connectors.

Unfortunately, if you have no backup of that file, you’ll have to recreate missing connectors manually.

We’ll check if the restart of EM Server may have caused this problem.