Unable to import correctly a csv file


I’m not able to import the attached csv file.
The file is exported by an ERP.
It’s OK if I want to convert it with Excel, but even with the ascii - comma separator, I fail to split it in columns in EM.
ERP Export.csv (11.8 KB)

Any idea ?

Hi Michel,

It seems that each line in your CSV file is wrapped in double quotes. From the CSV format point of view that file is a one-column table with some text data.

You can split data from that file into columns with the following project:

split columns.morph (20.4 KB)

This project:

  • Loads CSV file as a single column and assigns a row number to each row
  • Uses “Split column into rows” transformation with comma separator to split loaded data into separate values
  • Uses “Running total” transformation to assigns a column number to each value
  • Combines separate values into rows according to values in RowNo and ColNo columns with “Pivot” transformation
  • Restores rows order, assigns column labels and removes RowNo column

Thanks a lot Andrew, it's brilliant!!!
Best regards,