Turning Columns into Parameters

I have a table with 1 row, 2 columns. Each column has 1 value, I'd like to use each one of those values as a parameter, is this possible?

Basically we have a table that goes off of "Period" and not "Date" so all our records are linked to this period and next month it increases by 1 (ex. period this month is 123, next month is 124).

To get our data to dynamically pull the new month's data, we made a table where we said this month equals this period, just need a way to turn that period into a parameter for our other tables to reference.


Yes, it's possible. You can use the "Call" action to call another module, and assign the first column values to the parameter of the called module. To learn more about modules and the "Call" action, see this tutorial article: EasyMorph | Calling modules/projects (subroutines)

See also the example below:
assign-params.morph (3.3 KB)