Trying to filter to rows where a field starts with the letter "O"

I am attempting to filter my dataset to just items that start with the letter O.

Using this function - gives me an error.

FXN: [Item Number]startswith(O)

Error: Unexpected text after the end of expression. Error position 14
Source: action "Filter by condition", table "YTD_NewItems_20231019(PIM).txt"

How can I correct it?

Hello Carl and welcome to the Community!

Text literals (constants) should be wrapped in quotes - single quotes or double quotes. Therefore, the correct syntax is:


See also our tutorial on expressions here: EasyMorph | Type system and expressions

Thanks @dgudkov. We tried that first. We get this error?


startswith([Item Number],"0")

as described in the documentation.


Oh, my bad. Of course, it should be

startswith([Item Number],"0")

@Jochen_Marquardt, thanks for pointing it out.

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That worked great. Thank you.

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