Transition from basic authentication to MFA sharepoint


I read in the release notes of EasyMorph that basic authentication for sharepoint will be discontinued.
Our connector uses username + password.

  • How can we transition to MFA?
  • Wat should be configured in Sharepoint and what should be configured in Easymorph?
  • I suppose that the connector will continue to work without expiry date once it has been set up?

Could you write a small article about that?

Thanks !

It will be discontinued by Microsoft (not by us) for SharePoint Online (not for SharePoint on-premises). Do you use SharePoint or SharePoint Online?

I shall pose the question internally but 99% sure it is sharepoint online.


How does the MFA work ? I suppose that de authentication will be automated because the sharepoint connector is used in different flows. So it is not possible to manually intervene to authenticate using a smartphone or other device.
How does that work exactly ?


I believe that question should be addressed to the SharePoint support or community.