Transformation that auto-refreshes upon external input

I have an EasyMorph project that I’d like to keep open while working on some data in an external application. I’d like that external application to trigger a recalculation of a transformation.

My specific use case is to keep EasyMorph open due to taking about 10 minutes to load all the data into memory. I’d like to be able to invoke a program to do some additional processing. I’d like EasyMorph to auto-refresh whenever a specific action takes place (e.g. external file gets touched or via some other way of forcing a calculation).

Some ideas:

  1. A workflow transformation that auto-recalculates upon an external file changing
  2. Ability to set a input file to auto refresh upon change and fire subsequent calculations
  3. Ability to remotely control an EasyMorph instance from another process (telnet, web service)