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Tip: How to query unsupported ODBC data sources

One day you may run into a situation when you need to import data from a database which is not on the list of officially supported data sources for EasyMorph. Don’t give up too soon! If the database has an ODBC driver (64-bit), you may still be able to pull data from it, even if it’s not supported officially. Here is how you can do it:

Configure the ODBC driver, and make sure the connection works.

In EasyMorph create an ODBC connector and choose the “Generic SQL:2003” dialect.


In the Query Editor:

  1. Switch to the Custom SQL mode.
  2. Write a SELECT statement.
  3. Press “Run query” to see if it works.
  4. Press “Import to EasyMorph” to load the data into EasyMorph

In the screenshot above you can see a working query against a Google BigQuery table (which is not on the list of supported data sources). Feel free to write in the comments if you managed to successfully import data from other unsupported data bases using the method described above.


We’ve added a new SQL dialect - “Other SQL” exactly for the case of querying unsupported ODBC data sources. So now choose “Other SQL” instead of “SQL:2003”.

When the “Other SQL” dialect is used the Query Editor works only in the Custom SQL mode. The visual query builder is disabled. It’s a special feature of the “Other SQL” dialect.


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