Timezone issue with Launcher

Hi EasyMorph Team,

we´re facing a strange issue with an EasyMorph Launcher installed on an AWS Workspace located in Virginia (East-1). It´s a Windows 2019 Server OS, with time settings adjusted to Santiago time. Everywhere in the OS we look, it´s set on this timezone. However, when we schedule the logics, they run at Virginia time. We have other setups similar to this one, where this has never been an issue.

Do you have any notion or idea of what could cause the issue?


Hi @AlbertFabritius

Please, ensure that you have correct UTC time by invoking
wmic path win32_utctime get *
from the terminal (results should be the same on all machines)

Also, you can ensure that timezones are identical too using:
systeminfo | find "Time Zone:"

Also, it's worth noting that Launcher will detect timezone change only upon restart, so if you've changed timezone settings you should restart the Launcher for changes to take effect.

Hi Olysak,

I checked on two different machines. One has no issues, the other one is always desynchronized. Both have the exact same settings. Below a screenshot on the machine with the issue. As you can see at the time stamp windows shows in the bottom right corner, the local timezone is ok. However, the ETL in the launcher shows a 3-hour time difference. CMD shows the difference in time. It seems, the launcher is not taking the local timezone, but UTC time for some reason. It's the only machine with an issue, all other machines are ok. Using the same setup. Do you have any idea what it could be?

Just to clarify, are you saying that there are variations in the CMD response on the affected machine? Or do all of the CMD responses display the same UTC time and timezone settings on all machines?

CMD responses display the same UTC time and timezone settings on all machines.

A quick update. The monthly update of the Windows Server seems to have fixed the issue. We installed it yesterday, and it worked ok today. Will keep you posted!

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Thank you for the update!