Timestamp function in column when appending data

I have a daily file that I generate everyday, the issue is that it is a snapshot. So I created a file where I merge all info together, I would like to create an append to existing file, that whenever I add the snapshot data to that file, in a “Created Date” column of the “big data” file, it puts the timestamp of that snapshot.

this way I could see what data was added and in which day. Is this possible?

Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi Jorge,

you can add a “Created Date” column in your daily snapshots calculated using function now().

[Created Date] = now()

Once you append it to the “big data” file all the snapshots in that file will have a “Created Date”.

Ahh, thank you very much, was still stuck in the mindset of excel, so Today() there would not work.