Time zone Discrepancies?

A colleague pointed this out to me earlier today.

On our easymorph server it seems that when we schedule anything, it’s in central time, but then the task log records everything in eastern time.

The screenshot example is a morph that we have scheduled to run daily at 2:00 am but as you can see the task journal captures them as having run at 3:00 am.

Is there a way we can change this so that they are at least in the same zone?

Hi Christopher,

It’s a known issue that will be addressed in a future version. Currently, there is no way to sync the timezones. The scheduler uses the server timezone (CST in your case), while the journal shows timestamps in the browser time zone (EST in your case). If all your EasyMorph users are in the Eastern timezone, I would suggest changing the Server time from CST to EST.

In version 5.4.1, we’ve added a warning shown when the user’s time zone differs from the Server’s time zone.

I just started seeing this message today. Both desktop and server are on the same timezone.

Server version:

Hi @nicktagz

Please, ensure that you have correct UTC time on both machines by invoking
wmic path win32_utctime get *
from the terminal (results should be the same)

Also, you can ensure that timezones are identical too using:
systeminfo | find "Time Zone:"

@olysak Just checked, both are identical.

How big is the difference reported in the server message?

Additionally, I wanted to mention that the Web client compares the time reported by the server with the time provided by the web browser. To verify that your browser is providing the correct timezone, you can open the developer console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome/Firefox and entering new Date() into the prompt. This should display the current time which you can compare against your local time.

It’s off 1 hour

The browser shows the same timezone on both server and desktop.


The issue may be with the browser as it seems to assume that you are in GMT-4, while other sources indicate UTC-5. This could be a known bug, as it has been reported in instances such as this one Chrome displaying wrong time zone - Google Chrome Community.

Ok, so since the tasks are working as intended. Is there a way to disable this message? It’s only going to confuse my users.


Unfortunately, currently there is no option to disable the message if the browser reports a time that is off. However, I can suggest exploring the workarounds outlined in the link I provided. These may help Chrome to ‘recognize’ the correct time zone and avoid the message altogether.

That’s unfortunate. I tried the suggested link, it didn’t fix anything. I’ll just explain to my users to ignore this message as it is incorrect. Thanks.

I wonder if the discrepancy reported by the browser is caused by the recent switch to daylight saving time.

That sounds very likely since I just started seeing this.

Hi all, just for your information: Just updated to 5.4.1 and same warning here (UTC +01:00), although Server and Desktop run on same machine.

We’ve just released 5.4.2 and made a few improvements to address the issue. Can you please try it? You can download it here: Download Server

Looks like it’s working. At least the warning is gone! Thanks.

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Gone on mine, thank you!

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