Text to Date Input format trouble

Sorry, I feel foolish for asking this.

But I am getting very explicit datetime strings as below.


How do I convert this into a date or datetime using the covert text to date action? I keep getting errors back, seemingly, no matter what I am input. I am obviously missing something. And my apologies for the newbie question.


Hi Sean,

No question is foolish on the Community forum as long as it's clearly formulated :slight_smile:

Typically, EasyMorph would auto-detect the input date format by pressing the "Detect" button (can be seen in your screenshot). But if it doesn't, you can use the help page of the "Convert data type" action to construct the input format manually.

I suppose, this format string should work:

MMM dd, yyyy HH:mm tt.


The correct format is:

MMM d, yyyy hh:mm tt

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think I was missing that third "M" for the abbreviated month. When I use that it partially works.

I guess I would expect it to not work May dates because that would be the full name of the month and I would need to use "MMMM' however even if set the first action to "Keep original value" and create a second one with "MMMM" to capture the full spelling for May, the may dates don't convert. Also, I think I would have expected "Jun" to be captured with the "MMM" check. Are there official abbreviations for these months other than the first 3 characters of the month names and that is causing it to fail?

As a backup, I have another method to get what I need by splitting out the column, doing some conversions, and concatenating back before the conversion. But it would be super neat to be able to do it in just one or two with this convert data type action.

Any thoughts on my second paragraph by chance?

My bad. The correct format string is:

MMM d, yyyy hh:mm tt

It should be the single d because single-digit days are not prepended with zero. Also, the time format is hh since it's 12-hour, not 24-hour.

I've updated the original answer.

Thanks. This worked perfectly!