Text direction for arabic with number


I need to concatenate number text and Arabic terms so that it displays right to left but when the text starts with a number the text is flipped left to right.

Exemple in english : 1203 * 342 * 337 mm
In arabic what I want :
What I got if it's start with a number : 1203 * 342 * 337 مم
If I put a word at the start (right) it doesn't flip : الأبعاد 1203 * 342 * 337 مم

Is there a way to force the text direction even if it's start with a number ?

Can you please post screenshots of the expressions you use to produce the text?

The expression wich works :

If it starts with the numbers, it flips :

The columns [hautp], [largp] and [profp] are numbers

We looked closer at it and discussed the issue internally. As of now, EasyMorph doesn't officially support right-to-left languages, and no quick fix is possible.

Therefore, I suggest using the workaround you found - adding a text character (it could be a space).

Thank you Dmitry for your response.

We removed the text and left only the numeric values as a workaround.