Temporary table overflow

Hello everyone,

I copied a morph from de 4.6.2 version to 5.1.1 and it started show this error during an “Select matching database rows”:
“Error: Can’t create a temporary table or write data to it. Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
Source: action “Select matching database rows”, table “table name””

Can someone help me, please?

Hello Andrea,

What database are you using?

Also, is it possible for you to share the dataset that you passing to the “Select matching database rows” action with us?

If so - please send it to our support email.
If not - can you please describe that dataset and the matched columns? How many rows does it have and how many columns are selected as matching in the action?
Do the matched columns have very big or negative numeric values?

Also, can you please make that error appear again and then send the debug log to our support email (you can find the debug log here: “About” menu => “Diagnostic information” => “Debug log” tab).