Temporary Files Not Being Removed (Desktop / Server)


We have been experiencing issues particularly with EasyMorph server and power users of desktop.

It would appear that EasyMorph creates a series of cache files in C:/Users/%USER%/AppData/Local/Temp/ and does not clear them out.

This led to our server running out of storage space with 22.5GB cached files stored in an XlsxDriver folder within the aforementioned directory.

Now that I am aware of the issue, I have created a command line script which clears this directory when called (and have scheduled it using windows task scheduler).

Could EasyMorph clear these files on a regular basis for instance, on Server, a configurable (daily, weekly, monthly) schedule and on Desktop, when the GUI is opened or closed?

We now have a large user base, and asking them to run this script on all affected machines could be troublesome and our IT team would not be interested in including this script into the logon routine…



We’ve fixed the bug. The updated desktop version in available on our web-site: http://easymorph.com/download.html

The Server has been updated as well. The download link will be sent to Server customers shortly.

As for regular cleaning up the temp directory, I believe now, when the bug is fixed, it should be way less frequently needed. Although, we will have to think how to address this issue in general.

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