Tasks failed on server : option to rerun


Another evolution : a flag on each server task so that the task can be rerun automatically after x minutes when last status is failed. Even on cyclic jobs (cyclic can be every 1 hour or more).

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Hi Romain,

what’s the rationale behind it? If a task fails probably it means it should be fixed, no? Why re-run it again?

Hi, not it depends. On our side we have tasks failing because the database is not the best state => The first thing to do when something fails is to rerun it once (after x minutes).

Totaly agreed with RJO.

We have many tasks that the final state is to update powerbi dataset/dataflow and/or upload files to sharepoint and it happens many times timeout errors and we need just to re-run the task.

We have another tasks that concatenate 10 e-mails and send all that e-mails in one e-mail only, but we dont know what time we receive those e-mails and we are doing many several checks just to see if we have received those e-mails and stop the task after send that email. It would be easier just to re-run the task :slight_smile: