Task run fails but no error or success present in the journal

Hi, I have a task scheduled every 5 minutes. It checks for the file start.txt presence in a folder and immediately stops if not present.
When the start.txt file is present, the task starts working and absorbing lot of memory (there’s an unpivot that explode to 44 millions of rows) but still 3.9GB RAM available after about 1 minute of running.
It disappear from the running tasks in the journal but it doesn’t appear in the finished ones (with success nor fail result). If I go to the tasks tab, I can see a notification about the failed task “few seconds ago” with “1 Error”, but when I click on this message the journal appears (http://localhost:6330/journal/details/18277339957297991) with an error popup “unable to render or get event details. Event not found”.
Coming back to the tasks page the notification is still there.

Activating diagnostics I can see what the roor is about (last step while exporting to Excel).
I’m debugging the error through Easymorph desktop, but I’d like to inform the server is not reporting the failure/error in the journal.

Hi @nau and welcome to the Community forum!

Thanks for reporting the problem. We will take a look at it.

Hi @nau
Could you please clarify?

  1. The journal does not record information only about a specific event (error execution of the task) and only for the one specific task?
  2. Are there new entries in the log about the success/failure of other tasks?
  3. What version of EasyMorph server are you using?
  4. Are there any errors in the Server Log?
  5. Can you send ServerLog and ServerDebugLog to the support email?
  1. Don’t know if only for this specific task. This was the only one failing. As soon as I fixed the task (sanitizing the managed data) it was reported as success in the journal.
  2. Yes, there were many new entries in the journal for all the scheduled tasks (all successfully finished today, but a couple of days ago there were failed tasks too, for different kind of mistakes).
  3. As reported in the log: EasyMorph Server version (3f2e6c, ‘Release’).
  4. No recent errors in the log. Indeed the log is reporting only startup and configuration changes, no entries about task executions (those are reported only in the journal) - the errors reported are only about the license errors and the second worker I had to remove (as explained through mail this early morning), until 12:14, later everything has been solved. The “Export4Mailchimp” script instead has been fixed at about 12:50.
  5. Yes, they have been sent right now.