Task as Parameter at Easymorph Server Command action


it would be nice to have a parameter at the “EasyMorph Server command”-action for the task. Then it would be possible to run tasks per iteration.


Hi Jochen,

When you select a task in this command, and the task has parameters, it should be possible to provide parameter values. If the parameters aren’t shown below let us know - it’s must be a bug.

I didn’t mean the parameters of a task (which works fine as you described), but the task name as a parameter like this selection:

In my case, I would like to trigger about 10 tasks in a sequence and after all jobs are done, i would like to trigger an external action.

If all these tasks are different projects, then you can run the projects in a loop because the “Call” action supports specifying the project path using a parameter.

That’s what I have been searching (but unfortunately on the wrong side).
Thanks a lot.