Taking days to stop task

We have project task that usually takes 5-10 mins to run completely, however, when we try to stop it while running, it got stuck and now itz been attempting to stop for a few days now.

Any guidance on this? What others ways to stop the task quickly?

Hi Tegshe,

It seems that task cancellation is hanging.

Is it possible for you to restart that EasyMorph Server?

@tegshe, what Server version are you using?

EM Server

@tegshe, restarting the EasyMorph Server should make this task available again. But if that task executes an external program with “Run program” or “Powershell” action or uses “Export to Tableau” or “Export to 1010data” actions, it’s possible that some child processes will be left hanging.

Is it possible for you to share the project, executed by that task, with us? We would like to find the source of this issue.

Yes, restarting the Server made this task stopped immediately. However, I don’t want to restart server every time we got this stuck situation. I will send you email separately.


@dgudkov, is this still an issue? I had a situation this AM where the server had a bunch of processes stuck in “Stopping” and the only way to clear was to restart the service.


do these tasks run external applications as part of workflow? Cancelling a task doesn’t stop an external application if it was launched by that task, so the task will keep hanging. The process related to the external application must be terminated manually (e.g. Windows Task Manager) in order for the task to finish cancellation.

@dgudkov, no. These were simple extract and load jobs. Import from DB > DB Command (create table) > Export to DB. All oracle.

What version of EM Server are you using?


Can you please send one of the projects which cancellation hangs to our support (support@easymorph.com).


@dgudkov, done.