Tag a team on Monday.com through easymorph job

I use easymorph to write records on Monday.com through API.
How can I send in the information of assigning a team (using the Monday.com team ID) on Monday.com through API.

What kind of mutation Qurey I need to use.

So far I am using the following mutation query and it keeps giving me error.

‘mutation ($itemID:Int!, $boardID:Int!, $columnValues:JSON!) {change_multiple_column_values(item_id:$itemID, board_id:$boardID, column_values: $columnValues) {id}}’

Hi Saima, and welcome to the Community!

What exactly error are you receiving? A screenshot would be helpful.

Hi dgudkov,
This is the query I am using to write records on Monday.com
‘mutation ($itemID:Int!, $boardID:Int!, $columnValues:JSON!) {change_multiple_column_values(item_id:$itemID, board_id:$boardID, column_values: $columnValues) {id}}’

I am getting this error:
{“error_code”:“ColumnValueException”,“status_code”:200,“error_message”:“Unable to assign person with id: 832413”,“error_data”:{“column_value”:“{"personsAndTeams"=\u003e[{"id"=\u003e832413, "kind"=\u003e"person"}]}”,“column_type”:“MultiplePersonColumn”}}

I’m not an expert in Monday’s API. Are you sure that your query is correct? I assume you’re running it from EasyMorph (nothing in your messages would point to that) and getting an error, is that correct? Can you run exactly the same query successfully from another application (e.g. Postman)? So far I don’t see any indication that the problem is related to EasyMorph, and not to the query itself or the API.

Hi. You could also check the Monday API community form.
Maybe this post is related to your question.

It looks like you’re trying to update a multiple-person column but you’re sending the data of a person column. The multiple-person column takes a list of people and teams (since it can hold multiple)