Tabs in documentation


If I am not mistaking, when one creates different tab sheets in an EasyMorph project, the automatic documentation does not clearly indicates in which tab the transformations happen.

Could this feature be added ?

Kind regards

Hi Nikolaas,

currently the tables in the documentation are in the order of execution, i.e. the tables that are below in documentation are always executed after the tables above. This is made in order to make reading documentation easier.

What would be a case for having tabs added to the documentation?

Hi Dmitry,

It would be just to trace from which tab a transformation that is mentioned in the documentation comes from.

I currently work on cleaning a spreadsheet with different sheets. I thought it could be handy to create a tab per excel sheet in EasyMorph. If then I could search the documentation on the name of the tab, I could see very quickly to which tab the transformations belong.

Kind regards

Hi Dimitry,

I just want to add that it seems that the actions are always executed tab by tab ?
When I switch two tabs, it seems that the second tab is then mentioned first in the documentation.

Kind regards!