Tables flow analysis between 2 points


I sometimes need to understand what is the flow of data between 2 tables.
For that I design a little EM project and a Qlik Sense app to analyse the results.
In the Qlik app you can select your starting table and your end table.
You’ll get the graph of the tables between these 2 tables.
You also get the list of action by tables.
The annotations of tables and transformations are splitted to get some tags.
There’s 3 flags to raise tables and transformations with or without annotations and the deactivated transformations.

One deduplicate rows transformation can be long in the EM project considering the complexity of your source project.
So far I used it with EM project containing around 200 tables.
Don’t forget to change the Lib reference to the datasource in the Qlik app
Hope you’ll find it useful.


table (194.9 KB)

Thanks for sharing, Christophe. This is quite advanced, but some people might need it for analyzing complex workflows.