Tableau new extract format: Hyper [DONE]


Tableau 10.5 uses a new extract format called “hyper”.
Will EasyMorph be able to export a .hyper one day?


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Hi Michel,

EasyMorph will surely support exporting to the .hyper format one day and that day is not too far. Definitely before the summer.


Just to share some of my experience here - I would advise against publishing TDEs from EasyMorph to TableauOnline or any 10.5 Server instance. Create a local TDE then use Tableau to upgrade it to Hyper before publishing. With the former (direct publishing) workbooks were crashing on me within Tableau Desktop with workbooks connected to Tableau Online.


The Relase_notes_v3.8.2 say “_Tableau SDK drivers have been updated to the most recent versions”. Still no hyper?


Short answer
No support for .hyper yet.

Long answer
The SDK library for .hyper files currently offered by Tableau would add 300MB to EasyMorph. This would triple the size of EasyMorph installer. Basically, 90% of the entire EasyMorph binary code would be just one feature – export to Tableau .hyper. As we would like to keep EasyMorph lightweight and not enterprisey, we’ve decided to postpone support for exporting to .hyper until Tableau offers a more compact SDK library. I have a feeling that currently Tableau includes into the SDK the entire Hyper database engine, while only the file export feature is necessary.

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Thanks Dmitry!

I understand your desire to keep product simple and lightweight that is why we it love so much!

But is it possible to have an optional addon with .hyper support that can be downloaded for current light version. Only the ones who really involved will use it.

For example action expot to hyper could trigger a massage that you need to install extra components and that would be fine. Tableau become more and more popular and if you search there is a big demand for making union and other actions in easy and reliable way.


That’s an interesting suggestion, we’ll discuss it internally.

I’m curious why is it so? What is missing in Tableau Prep that makes the demand big?

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In overall: only people who knows nothing better than Excel are excited about Tableau.
It just handles data poorly, like digging a mine with toy shovel. Prep can do nothing comparatively to EasyMorph.

Now prep almost can do union but only as a beta test, it doesn’t work every other time, and there is not hope for getting something like loading files by mask.

Tableau do have frequent updates but in my experience they typically introduce that very bugs that mentioned as fixed in release note :slight_smile:

In my organization we extensively use QlikView as ETL as a result L0-L4 QVD library was generated.
I can put together any dataset needed by combining these qvd.
Sometimes I cant generate a single tde because of hardware limitations, so I split it into parts and then feed to the worbook with append action what is 100% manual or a can find use for automated union.

QlikSense is more expensive alternative, so I believe such demand can be created by people with QlikView infrastructure who is trying to include tableau as visualization tool in their workflow.

Not long time ago Prep had close to 0 functionality, now it’s developing but we suspect it’s gonna become a separate license.

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I think this is excellent idea… the same picture in our small organization and hyper instead of tde would reduce the consumption of space and simplify the organization of datasets. I love easymorph not only for export, but also for excellent and fast profiling and other functions…

Prep software does not give complex assemblies, does not give the opportunity to make loops for example, and this is a big problem for organizing source sets

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We will be adding export to Hyper as an add-on to EasyMorph in v4.2.1 planned for release in early March.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Good value,
.tde was ok for me but people were asking why EM was only able to export in the old format…
Thanks Dmitry, the add-on is a good answer