Tableau Error Message

When I try to use the Tableau Server Command action, the list of task names available to be refreshed never populates. Instead, I get an error message that the ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ I don’t know what that means. The connector I am using is a Personal Access Token that succeeds in connecting when tested in the Connector Manager. When I change the command to ‘Run flow asynchronously’ the list of flows populates so I believe the connection between EM and Tableau is set correctly.

Can anyone help explain what I need to do here?

Screenshot 2023-04-11 145318

Screenshot 2023-04-11 145551

Hi Jacqueline,

It looks like a bug. What EasyMorph version do you use?

Hey Dmitry,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m using, the latest version.

Hi Jacqueline,

Can you please make that error appear again and then collect the debug log from the “Diagnostic information” window in the “About” menu and send it to our support email?

Is the support email just It didn’t jump out to me on the website. Copied down below for the time being, I will also email it over when you confirm.

20230411161426 Information Starting application version with command line: “C:\Users\jharris\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Morph.exe”
20230411161427 Error Failed to restore locations from XML file: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\jharris\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\FileBrowserLocations.xml’.
20230411161428 Information New project
20230411161430 Error Failed to restore locations from XML file: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\jharris\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\FileBrowserLocations.xml’.
20230411161534 Information Add table Table 1 to group Group 1 in module ‘Main’

Yes, that’s correct.

Just emailed! Thanks

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