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Tableau data extract publish to Tableau server


are you planning to provide functionality to publish tde to Tableau servers in the next releases?


Hello @Konstantin_Kozhin and welcome to the Community!

My current understanding is that publishing to Tableau Server can be done by exporting data to a TDE first, and then using Run Program transformation to run tabcmd and publish the TDE to the Tableau Server (see tabcmd publish). Having a dedicated transformation for this would be more convenient, for sure, although the current approach should do the job, if I'm not missing anything. At this point we're focused on providing functionality that can't be achieved or is difficult to achieve by other means, therefore publishing to Tableau Server is not planned for the next release, but rather on a mid-term product roadmap.

If there is something that I'm missing, or maybe there is a case which is cumbersome to do using tabcmd ?


Thanks Dmitry,
if I right understood I can publish tde with "Execute Programs" features?


Yes, that's correct. You will also need tabcmd installed on the same computer that runs EasyMorph projects. If I remember it correctly, tabcmdinstaller.exe can be found in Tableau Server folder /extras.


The ability to publish TDEs to Tableau Server has been added to EasyMorph (including the free edition) starting from version 3.6. You can get the latest version in our download page