'Table-wide replace' to remove #N/A! in Excel 2003 data


I’ve imported an Excel 2003 file and I’m trying to use ‘Table-wide replace’ to remove any errors that are highlighted as a red “#N/A!”. I’ve copied and pasted the #N/A! value from the table cell into the ‘Search for’ box and I’ve left the ‘Replace with’ box empty. I then select ‘Entire cell’ and ‘All columns’ but when I click ‘Apply’, the error cells are still there.

If I use the ‘Clean up’ transformation to remove the errors from a single column it works fine, but I need to do this across all columns. I am able to filter the rows by pasting #N/A! into the search box, so it seems to recognise the string in other transformations, but not with ‘Table-wide replace’.

Is there a way to achieve this?



Hi Steve,

I’ve fixed this behavior – now Table-wide Replace should work with error values as well.
Download the latest build ( from our web-site: http://easymorph.com/download.html

Perfect, many thanks!!