System('identity') is empty in the desktop


I’m using EM Desktop system(‘identity’) returns blank whereas system(‘user’) returns my login.
As I understand the web help, system(‘identity’) should also return my login using the desktop, as it’s me who is running the desktop.

Edit : the problem seems to appear when I run the project for the first time. The property returns blank in my calculated parameter. But I change the value of the calculated parameter and revert to system(‘identity’) it seems to work. So it may be more due to calculated parameter.

“The Windows identity of the user that triggered the workflow. In EasyMorph Desktop, Launcher, and CLW it’s the same as the Windows account of the current Windows process. On EasyMorph Server, if the current space uses authentication via Active Directory, then the function returns the account of the current user that is logged into the space. For all other space types, it returns an empty value.”

Hi Romain,

the problem is confirmed. We’re looking into it.

The problem seems to be a UI bug rather than a calculation error. Did you get a blank parameter value in table calculations?

Calculation is ok. Yes, UI bug I presume.

Forget about what I said : the table calculations are taking blank as value for the parameter, it’s not only a UI problem.

The bug has been fixed. Please update your EasyMorph Desktop from our website.

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